ASI Systems T6820 Series Communicating Controllers T6826B 一對多用控制盒


  • ASI Systems Communicating Controllers T6826B
  • 一對多用控制盒
  • 用於連接ASI System系列控制面板
  • 電源220 VAC.
  • 暖氣/冷氣
  • 適合2/4 管式系統使用.
  • 適合3 線式控制閥
  • 產品內附回風口用溫度感測器一組




The T6820 series controllers are a microprocessorbased controller. The controllers provided RS-485 communicating interface and Modbus protocol for system integration.
The controllers can be setting by the WS-069 series or master controller or operating by the BAS system. The controllers are designed to on/off control the fans, valves or electric heaters in fan-coil and air conditioner applications.
Models are available for heating, cooling or ventilating control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan-coil units. The controllers provided LEDs for power, fan speed, valve status and auxiliary output indication.
The fan speed can be setting by the WS-069 series or master controller or operating by the BAS system. It is wired to run high, medium, low speed continuously or automatic fan speed changeably.



  • 2-pipe fan coil units
  • 4-pipe fan coil units
  • Unit air-conditioner
  • BAS system integration



  • Built-in RS-485 communicating interface
  • Provided Modbus protocol for system integration
  • Provided system or local control function
  • Provided ON/OFF control output signal
  • Changeable heating, cooling and ventilating mode control
  • Changeable high, medium, low and automatic fan speed control
  • Adjustable high and low setpoint limits
  • Controller address is set by DIP switch combination in each controller
  • Provided auxiliary control output for interlocking control application
  • Provided low temperature protecting function
  • Provided power failures re-start function
  • Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings during power loss
  • Provided 7 LEDs for power on, high speed, medium speed, low speed, valve open, valve close, auxiliary control output indication
  • Steel housing makes this controller ideal for locating on the fan-coil units or air-conditioner
  • Wireless remote control available(optional)



三段風速, 冰熱水冷暖型, 數位式運算, 單機控制(一對一)