System Sensor 四線式 風管型煙霧偵測器 Duct Smoke Detector DUCTSD


  • 四線式風管型煙霧偵測器
  • 美國品牌
  • 溫度感測範圍:-20~70度C
  • 濕度感測範圍:0%~95%
  • 風速感測範圍:0.5~20.3 (m/sec)
  • 附感測管, 長度:1 ft.
  • UL/FM Listed



InnovairFlex™ duct smoke detectors combine an impressive collection of innovations to greatly simplify HVAC system monitoring. One unit can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. Tool-free, plug-in sampling tubes speed and simplify installation. Broad temperature and humidity ranges accommodate exposure to environmental extremes. Easily visible status indications, a readily accessible test feature, and remote test station accessories simplify testing and maintenance. With its unmatched flexibility, InnovairFlex can adjust to fit any application.
  • 4-Wire Photoelectric, integrated low-flow technology
  • Air velocity rating from 100 ft/min to 4,000 ft/min (0.5 m/s to 20.32 m/sec)
  • Versatile mounting options: square or rectangular configuration
  • Plug-in sensor and latest sensor technology help prevent false alarms
  • Broad ranges for operating temperature (-4°F to 158°F) and humidity(0% to 95% non-condensing)
  • Patented sampling tube installs from front or back of the detector with no tools required
  • Increased wiring space with an additional ¾-inch conduit knockout
  • One easy-access Test/Reset button and improved LED status
  • Patented interconnect feature for multi-fan shutdown
  • New high-contrast terminal designations
  • Built-in short circuit protection from operator wiring errors
  • Field-selectable settings for configuring the detector
  • Two DPDT Form-C relay contacts
  • 24 VAC/DC or 120 VAC
  • Backward compatibility with existing Innovair products, including remote accessories