Refco 冷媒高/低壓分析表組+加氣管+手提箱 Refco BM2 Manifold with Carrying Case


  • 瑞士品牌
  • 原裝進口(Swiss Made)
  • 高品質鋁合金表架
  • 附多功能手提箱一只
  • 附3尺加氣管3條
  • 適用冷媒:R410


BM Series Premium Two-Way Manifold

  • All metal housing Class 1.6 bourdon tube gauges (M2), easy to read, zero point adjustable, pulse free and color coded
  • Two-piece, O-ring seal piston style valve
  • Extra large sight glass to view refrigerant movement
  • Swivel hook and 45° hose anchors
  • Anodized high quality aluminum body
  • Color coded handwheels
  • All hoses are high pressure, 870 psi working pressure, 3600 psi burst pressure