CPS 電子冷媒探漏器 (流線型) LS2 Leak-Seeker II Refrigerant Leak Detector


  • CPS 電子冷煤探漏器 (流線型)
  • 美國品牌
  • Made in USA
  • 具備微處理器的電子感測頭使用多通道偵測技術加強感測度以及降低誤判機率
  • 採用最新E_MOS®技術可延長電池和感測頭壽命
  • 感測頭不會被R404A污染
  • 對於R410A以及新HFO冷媒有極高感測度
  • 感測度可達35ppm(parts per million)
  • 可偵測所有類型冷媒
  • 全自動偵測
  • 動態訊號分析
  • 500小時感測頭壽命
  • 電池壽命50小時(3個電池)
  • 附原廠攜帶盒



CPS Products proudly introduces the all new Leak-Seeker II featuring E_MOS technology. Packed with unique design features the new Leak-Seeker II from CPS is the best leak detector you can find, anywhere in the world at any price, truly an Innovation in Design™.

Item Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled sensor electronics utilizing a multi channel signal detection method, improves sensitivity while reducing false alarm
  • New E_MOS® sensor technology incorporates a proprietary pulse modulation design to increase both battery and sensor liferm
  • Software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, automatically initiated at each start up ensures the highest level of sensitivity every use, for up to 500 hours of detecting leaks of less than .1 oz per year
  • Sensitivity remains constant over the life of the sensor
  • Dynamic signal analysis and automatic sensitivity control, enables the Leak-Seeker® II to make quick work of any leak regardless of its size or the refrigerant type…without operator intervention
  • The only leak detector with fully automatic sensitivity selection and control
  • Sensitivity to 35 parts per million (less than .01 oz per year)
  • Meets or exceeds all US and International standards
  • Superior sensitivity to R410A and new HFO refrigerants
  • Sensor not contaminated by R404a
  • Senses all refrigerants including those with hydrocarbon components
  • 500 hours sensor life
  • 50 hour battery life (3 C batteries)