ASI Systems T6200 Digital Fan-Coil Thermostats 室內溫控器 T6222B


  • ASI Systems T6200 Fan-Coil Thermostat
  • 一體式溫控
  • 電源110/220 VAC.
  • 暖氣/冷氣
  • 適合2 管式系統使用.
  • 適合3 線式控制閥
  • 本產品目前已停產, 請來信詢問替代品




The T6200 series thermostat is a stand-alone microprocessor based thermostat with LCD display. The thermostats are designed to on/off control the fans, valves, compressors or electric heaters in fan-coil and air-conditioner applications.

Models are available for heating, cooling or ventilating control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan-coil units.
The fan speed can be manual controlled by the fan speed control pushbutton. It is wired to run high, medium, low speed continuously or automatic fan speed changeably, while with other models there is a choice of running the fan continuously, or cycling it with the thermostat.



  • 2-pipe fan coil units
  • 4-pipe fan coil units
  • Unit air-conditioner



三段風速, 冰熱水冷暖型, 數位式運算, 單機控制(一對一)