ASI Systems MC1200 Series Master Controller Operator Panel 主控面板


  • ASI Systems MC1200 Series Master Controller 主控面板
  • 一對多用主控面板
  • 用於連接ASI System系列中央監控系統
  • 12VDC.
  • RS485




The MC1200 Master Controller provided the RS-485 communication and Modbus protocol for support system bus and local bus. It allows the display controllers/thermostats temperature, time and status, the modification of setpoint and schedule, intervention in controllers/thermostats operation via overrides.
The MC1200 provided the Individual, Group or Schedule function to enable/disable the T6800 and T6900 series products. The MC1200 provided the large bright and backlit LCD, the LCD display the data in numerical and Chinese language. The MC1200 provided the adjustable Heating, Cooling and Ventilating mode controls and 3-speed and Automatic fan speed controls function.



  • Human Machine Interface for T6800 communicating controllers or T6900 communicating thermostats
  • Building automation system integration


  • Provided RS-485 communication and Modbus protocol for support system bus and local bus
  • Large and bright LCD backlit display
  • Data display in numerical and Chinese language
  • Provided time schedule function
  • Provided individual or Group control function
  • Provided low temperature protecting function
  • Allows modification of setpoints and monitors status
  • Full user override capability, no programming needed
  • Provided key-locking function for protection
  • Provided Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings during power loss
  • Provided Enable/Disable key-locking function for T6900 series products
  • Master controller mounts directly onto a wall or standard junction box



三段風速, 冰熱水冷暖型, 數位式運算, 單機控制(一對一)